This Man.


Attributes Derived Traits
Strength d8 Life Points 18
Agility d6 Initiative (2) d6
Vitality d6 Endurance d6 + d12
Alertness d6 Resistance (2) d6
Intelligence d6
Willpower d12

Intimidatin’ Manner -2Credo +4
Mean Left Hook -2Stingy +2
Steady Calm -2Straight Shooter +2

Skills & Specialties

  1. Athletics d4
  2. Craft d6
    1. Architecture d2
    2. Carpentry d6
  3. Discipline d4
  4. Guns d4
  5. Influence d6
  6. Mechanical Engineering d6
  7. Melee Weapon d4
  8. Perception d2
  9. Performance d2
  10. Pilot d2
  11. Planetary Vehicles d4
  12. Technical Engineering d2
  13. Survival d4
  14. Unarmed Combat d6

Jakob is an average man. Beaten down by manual labor. Born into work. You get the idea.

He fell in love with a woman. Daughter of parent’s friends. Friends of the family. Saw her every once in a while growing up. They fell in love… got married. Anahi is strong willed. Stats likely similar to Jakob’s.

Jakob is/was a skilled laborer on Higgin’s Moon. He started out as an ordinary Mudder, but became skilled in architecture and was able to help build the mines and repair some of the machinery.

Jakob and Anahi have had 6 children. Faolan (M 18*), Adalia (F 16) , Solomon (M 14*), Giotto (M 12*), Ziva (F 10*), & Artemas (M 6*).

Faolan passed away in a mining accident when he was 15. Unfortunate accident. Jakob pretty much blames himself… because of his place in life and his role in the mines. It probably wasn’t his fault. Who really know though, right? About anything.

Because of all that Jakob has vowed (Credo) to protect his family at all costs. To basically only make decisions that help his family (as far as he understands that to be true). He and Anahi have decided to leave Higgin’s Moon in search of a better life somewhere. To give their kids opportunities they didn’t have. They’ve heard that the Alliance is helping settlers. They’re supplying genseed and some basic farm equipment to folks willing to make the move. The family thought that sounded pretty good. Set up a farm somewhere. You know the deal.

While being transported to a new planet, the vessel Jakob’s family was on was attacked by pirates. The family got split up. Adalia is the only one that managed to stay with Jakob. The rest of the family may or may not be alive floating aimlessly in a shuttle.

AP (4)


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