Talbot Green

Disillusioned Job-Doer


Experience Points → 6

Strength d6
Agility d8
Vitality d6
Alertness d8
Intelligence d8
Willpower d6

Derived Traits
Life Points 12
Initiative d8 + d8

Cortex Specter -2
Highly Educated -2
Nose for Trouble -2
Steady Calm -4

Creedo +2
Deadly Enemy +2 (Rival)
Hero Worship +2
Overconfident +2
Traumatic Flashbacks +2


  • Athletics -d4
  • Covert – d6
  • Guns – d6
    • Pistol d10
  • Influence d6
    • Interrogation d8
  • Medical – d6
  • Melee – d6
    • Swords d8
  • Perception – d6
    • Investigate – d8
    • Track – d8
  • Survival – d4
  • Unarmed – d6

Rough outline – will be expanded upon / re-written

  • Grew up as the son of a mid-ranking Alliance officer
  • was spoon fed everything he needed – academies, training, tutors
  • Enlisted to follow his father’s footsteps
  • Had a rival in the academy – that fucking douche
  • Superiors noticed his talents and enrolled Talbot as an operative
  • Talbot grew to realize that his superiors were not so … good
  • Tried to talk to his father about this. His father is too blind to see beyond the good parts of the Alliance
  • Talbot zeroed himself out of Alliance systems, faked his death, and made his way toward the Rim.
  • Plans to work as a bounty hunter, or job – doer, something. Isn’t quite sure.
  • Talbot is just fleeing now, and has boarded this ship.


  • Will only take jobs worth his skills
  • Will not waste his time on worthless people

Traumatic Flashbacks

  • Remembers some of the awful things he did as an operative
  • Including, but not limited to
    • Leaving a child to die on a barren planet
    • Blowing up a ship full of food headed toward the rim
    • Killing a woman because she knew too much about a high ranking official
    • Anything Tom things would be fun to make up

Rival (Deadly Enemy)

  • This guy is also an operative
  • This guy knows that Talbot isn’t dead but no-one will believe him
  • Wants to hunt Talbot down


  • Father
  • Currently things Talbot is dead
  • Still an Alliance officer
  • Would put Talbot over the Alliance, even risking his job/freedom

Talbot Green

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