Greenhorn rules. 42 Attribute Points. Starting max on attributes is d12.
Must have at least one Asset and one Complication. Please run them by me.
Don’t worry about specific “roles” or “classes” needing to be filled.

Although I’ve got some ideas for the start, the game will be 50% sandbox after a session or two.

General idea so far:

Ship: The Upaya-kaushalya

I’m imagining that the game will head a direction where you have your own ship eventually, just not to start out.

You could be a settler, a fugitive, one of the ship’s employees, or anything else that makes sense.

You’ve all been traveling together for at least a few days, but it’s a big ship. Maybe you haven’t crossed paths yet, or maybe you knew each other before boarding.

This particular settler run started on Persephone and made at least one other stop along the way before heading out to the Rim.

Here is a page with relevant links.

Getting Settled

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