The Upaya-kaushalya

The Upaya-kaushalya is a heavily modified Omura-class heavy bulk transport ship capable of carrying nearly 200 settlers and all the cargo they need to start new lives out on the Rim.

The captain, Bao, is a kindly old Buddhist monk. He charges minimally for passage (indirectly. He’s vowed to never handle money himself) and offers emotional support to the passengers as they each begin a new chapter of their lives.

The ship has clearly seen better days. The exterior is decorated in red and gold like an old Chinese temple, though much of the paint has worn off. The interior is characterized by bent railings and rusting panels. The crew have done their best to hide the worst offenses with tapestries or statues of the Buddha meditating. One can pick up the scent of incense from most locations on board.

What were originally designed to be communal lounge areas have been awkwardly converted to extra cargo space. There are two small solo “bedrooms” curtained off in this area, but all other passenger suites are designed for families, meaning that most folks traveling alone end up bunking with strangers.

As a result of the Upaya-kaushalya’s modifications (and the fact that she’s overbooked), most spaces where passengers are allowed to be feel crowded. Adults tend to congregate in the primary cargohold, arranging boxes to set up a game of tall card or an impromptu shop. Children run around freely, sometimes playing jacks on the floor of the hallways.

At the bow of the lowest level of the ship is a shrine. It’s relatively far from the engine, which somewhat mutes the clatter and hum heard in most other parts of the ship. It’s also the only room with a window out into space (other than the bridge, where passengers aren’t allowed).

More than half of the twelve large shuttles traditionally docked on an Omura are missing, replaced by an array of other small vehicles, including one mining vessel.

The Upaya-kaushalya

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