• Str d8
  • Agl d6
  • Vit d8
  • Alert d8
  • Int d10
  • Will d6

Life Points: 16 str+vit
Initiative: agl + alert

math whiz -2 attr pts.
+2 int for math checks
non-fighting type +2 attr pts.
  • won’t fight unless in mortal danger, and then -2 on fight checks
  • easy mark +4 attr pts.
Skills & Specialties
62 – 52
Athletics: d4

Covert: d4

Mechanical Engineering d6

  • create mechanical devices d8
  • machinery maintenance d10
  • mechanical repairs d12

medical expertise: d6

perception: d6

pilot: d4

planetary vehicles: d6

Technical Engineering d6

  • hacking d10
  • create/alter technical devices d10


Ballistic Mesh: 1W* wgt. 4: 46 credits
mask, NBP: 2W: -3 Ale wgt 3: 8 credits

  • Flashbang: 2d6 B*, 5ft, wgt. 1
  • smoke: d4 S, 20ft, wgt 1
  • gas: 3d6 S, 5ft, wgt 1
    2 of each: 5.2 credits

Data-library, professional: 92 credits

CAD Board: wgt 5. 27.2 credits

Lock Picks normal and electronic: 47.4 credits: wgt 1

Tool Sets:

  • Electronic: wgt 45, 138 credits
  • Mechanic: wgt: 130, 284 credits

first-aid kit: wgt 3: .6 credits

jabberwocky: wgt 10: 13.3 credits


  • Credits 88.3

Ivan is book smart, and learned a little bit about the streets from doing odd jobs with the family. He learned most of what he knows about machines and tech working in his dad’s shop, but when he was a teenager his parents got into debt and he had to find a place to work to help them. The only ones willing to hire a kid so young were the sort that functioned in a less than legal manner. Ivan worked for them and tried to right the innocent people that were occasionally on the wrong end of the families’ ire, he finally hit the boss’s last nerve and kicked him out of the family and beat him half to death. Ivan decided to get off world before he decided to finish the job.

Niko – Entered the family around the same time that Ivan did, he looked out for Ivan until it was too dangerous to keep protecting him, and helped smuggle him onto the ship that everyone is traveling on.

Kristoff – The boss of the crime family that Ivan was a part of. He dislikes Ivan because he cut into his bottom line.


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